Tuesday, February 3, 2009

*grits teeth*

It snowed again today.

No one I see on a daily basis is happy. Even the skiers are not happy- something about, "Well, it's made the roads so bad, it's not like I could get up to Mountain Creek to enjoy this one at all, anyway!"

It's probably somewhere between three and four more inches. Now, we had quite a bit of meltage over the weekend, with highs in the mid forties, which was NICE. This coming weekend, it's supposed to be in the FIFTIES! Right now, though, my husband is eyeing up the driveway, again, and steeling himself up for a shoveling job in the morning. (Yes, for the most part, shoveling is his job. I cook, he can shovel. Besides, I'm getting over a serious illness, right? ;) )

Frank is still somewhat lethargic, prompting a phone call from daycare today. The person who called me started to tell me about The Virus: "It's really like a flu, it's really quite bad..." I interrupted her with, "I know how bad it is- I got pneumonia from it!"

I'm starting to feel like they think we're bad parents trying to send our kid to school when he's sick. Let's see, he came down with this Thing a week ago Friday. That's eleven days ago. Eleven. For a "four or five day" virus. He's been home for a solid week, more if you count both weekends. He's been on a new, stronger antibiotic since Friday, and no longer has a fever. My humble opinion is that Frank is at the point where he's still tired from it, but if you give in to the tired, it takes that much longer to get over it all, so you have to just suck it up and soldier on. (I realize this sounds harsh when talking about a two-year-old, but really, how long can you keep a kid home who is now playing perfectly normally at home and trying to climb things like normal and being a brat at the same time because he's bored??)

He's still not eating much, true. I have a suspiscion this is the Sensory Processing Disorder rearing its ugly head and it'll take a session or two with the OT to get him back on track with food.

Is it spring yet?

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Anonymous said...

You're not bad parents! It sounds like Frank is definitely much better, fortunately -- but of course he'd be a little lethargic still after being sick for over a week.
Come on, spring!! :O