Saturday, November 29, 2008

We need a little Christmas...

So, aside from tree decorations, I put everything up that we have. It's totally dwarfed in this house- you don't notice it at all!! Must buy more stuff!! I found a tree farm about a half hour away, so we are going to chop down our own tree this year for the first time.

SIL update: The family has been taking turns going down and helping them out. SIL came home a week ago Friday. She's not on any antibiotics, although she's still wiped out and naps extensively throughout the day. The, eh, problem? Yeah, it hasn't totally resolved. It should any day now, though.

According to my mother, brother does not want SIL to ever be pregnant again, he's so emotionally scarred by all this; SIL, however, after a year or more, wants to have another baby. Brother wants to adopt, instead.

They are closing on a house on December 12th and moving in the 13th, a fact I shall believe when I see, as I believe this is the fourth closing date on the fourth house they've had.

Abby is growing and thriving; she is now over a pound above her birthweight. I have not seen her since that time; their lives as well as mine have been crazy, and I will not be going to help them any time soon because I have a full-blown cold. Good thing I had my IVIG today! This means that my tentative date with Co-worker to see "Twilight" this Tuesday is very likely out, as I do not go to see movies in a theater because I'm not sitting there coughing my brains out and ruining other people's enjoyment.

We hosted Thanksgiving; Darrel's sister, her husband, their two girls, and MIL all came:

Frank and Niece #2, who is seven weeks younger than he is. I like this picture because Frank is playing with N#2's toy and N#2 is playing with Frank's.

Aside from the Satanic red eyes, I like this picture of Niece #1, who is five and in kindergarten.

And, from when we went pumpkin- picking with his daycare in October:


debsmad said...

Oh my gosh! Niece #1 looks all grown up! Seems like just yesterday I was looking at *her* baby pics.


The Dating Guru said...

What cute photos! Niece #1 is BEAUTIFUL -- what a great picture!