Sunday, November 16, 2008


My poor SIL...without too much gory detail, she has an infection, and is in hospital again for a few days to get IV antibiotics...something I know entirely too much about. (The IV antibiotics, not the particular type of infection.) Little Brother hasn't answered my test asking if he needs any help. I hate taking days off from school if I'm not completely dying, but for this, I'd use up my remaining two personal days.

Got some Christmas shopping done today. I'm not going to say here what all I got, except, Big, I immediately knew that your gift was so you! :)

I'm beginning to feel Christmas-y. I went through our decorations today, and some of them are pretty old and crappy. Now that we have a nice house to decorate, I want to really do it up nice. I want to buy this: I'll put it on the mantle over the fireplace, so Frank can't get at it. It's a bit pricey, but for something I'll use for the next thirty years or so, it's not terrible. I've been looking for a really nice Nativity set for several years now, and am happy I found one I like. I want to get an Advent calendar, too. Darrel and I also decided that we're putting the tree in the bookshelf room. I want to get the tree earlier than usual, too, like maybe Thanksgiving weekend, and I want to cut it ourselves. There's a tree farm about a half hour from here that we can go to.

I'm still not letting Darrel play Christmas music around me yet, though. My rule is, we watch the Macy's parade on Thanksgiving, and after Santa rolls in, at the end of the parade, that is the true start of the Christmas season. :)

My coworker and I have both read Twilight and are planning on going to see the movie together. She can get us free tickets, because she has the Optimum triple play. Squee!


An. said...

That's pretty! I'm not ready for Christmas music either.


The Dating Guru said...

Sorry to hear about SIL's infection. :( Hope she's home from the hospital quickly.
Can't wait to see what you got me -- thanks in advance! :)

debsmad said...

Have you finished the whole series now? (I lost track.)

We have tickets for early Friday evening. The midnight show was already sold out. *sigh*

I can't wait!! I think I'm more excited about this one than I was for any of the Harry Potter movies.