Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas went well. I got an iPod, and Frank got enough Thomas the Tank Engine stuff to sink the Titanic. Everyone seemed to enjoy dinner, too, which made me happy. Of course, there was a ton of food, because I thought I was going to have four more people here than I had. Yup, SIL never notified us that they were not coming. Well, check that, she did- she emailed Darrel at his work email at 1pm on Christmas Eve. And, despite the fact that Darrel called their house and left a voicemail asking them to call us back and let us know what they were doing, we still have heard nothing from them! I mean, come on- even if you thought emailing someone at their work email on the afternoon of Christmas Eve your plans for the next day, when you get the voice mail, at least think to yourself that oh crap, maybe I should call and apologize for the mix-up!

Gah! I'm all for just dumping their presents on their front porch- we were in the neighborhood Saturday- but Darrel isn't. I told him the presents are his problem then, because I am not going out of my way to get them to SIL and her family.

We went to visit MIL Saturday. The facility she's in is very nice. On our way up to her room, I kept looking in all the rooms we passed, checking out all the facilities.

MIL seemed to be in good spirits. She said the day before had been a bad one, but that day, Saturday, was going pretty well. She gets her pain meds upon request, about a half hour before therapy starts, which is good, because then she can get a lot out of therapy. I liked seeing that, when we wandered the halls together, she pushed her own wheelchair for much of the time- only towards the end did Darrel have to push her. She'll be in this facility a total of just over three weeks, and then she will be at home, with some home care coming in.

Darrel is sick. He has a flu-like illness. It could be genuine flu- he had the flu shot, so, even if he gets it, it'd be a milder case, anyway. He's been sick since...Hm, Sunday, I think? Chills, sweats, fever, the works. He's been feeling better the last day or so, and has been eating. He gets one of these about once a year or so. Otherwise, he's almost obnoxiously healthy. I guess one of us has to be, right?

Frank went to daycare yesterday and today. He really seems to like it, and Darrel and I both felt that we needed a break. As it turned out, what with Darrel being sick, it's just as well Frank went- the less he's around when Darrel is sick, the better, both for Darrel and for Frank- I don't want us to have to stay home with a flu-ish child next week! He'll go to daycare Friday, too. I originally was going to go into NYC Friday, but the weather is calling for snow showers, and I don't really want to be walking around in that all day! It pisses me off- I was really looking forward to it. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to go in a day or two during February break.

Our toilet in our bathroom is totally broken. Now I have to remember not to use it when I wake up in the middle of the night and have to pee! We're hoping to geta plumber here in the next couple of days.

New Year's Eve...I predict we'll all be asleep well before midnight. My life is so boring and predictable. I can't remember the last time I actually did anything for New Year's Eve. Not that I ever did anything fabulous- mostly just hanging out at friends' houses- but I do miss having a social life. Actually, I have decided that is my New Year's resolution this year- we are going to have people over and socialize more often! I'm tired of my boring old life with nothing except work and bed!

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Let's see the jerzee tree. *taps foot impatiently* You know how I am about these things.