Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, I came straight home from school at 1pm today and began to bake cookies. darrel was picking Frank up at 5:30pm or thereabouts, so I had the house to myself all afternoon. (Side note: Frank's daycare was supposed to have a holiday sing along Friday afternoon at 3:15pm. It was postponed until today, because of the bad weather. Had I been smart and baked all weekend while I was snowed in, I could have made it. Yes, I do in fact feel guilty about not going to my two-year-old's holiday singalong that he will never remember.)

I am still not done with the cookies. I have to do the spritz cookies. Why I saved the most important Christmas cookies until last, I have no idea. But I am cookied out. Between all the crap that was floating around today at school and baking all afternoon, I feel like I could slip into a diabetic coma and not come out of it until around March.

So, while chasing around a two-year-old tomorrow, I have to:

*bake cookies
*slice up veggies
*make mashed potatoes
*figure out how exactly we're cooking the two turkey breasts we got
*get Darrel to find out if his sister is in fact still coming Thursday

I also need to go deposit my paycheck and go to the post office at some point tomorrow, but I have to wait until after my IVIG gets delivered, and I've no idea when they'll be here with it. Hopefully it'll be earlier instead of later!!

Then, I have to interpret a 4:30pm service in Hackettstown, a little more than a half hour drive from here.

Hm, maybe tomorrow night when I get home we can get pizza...

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debsmad said...

We didn't go anywhere or have any company on Christmas Day, so it was quite peaceful for me.

This year I only made Puppy Chow, Special K Bars, and cut-out cookies. I was not in a holiday mood this year...

Special K bars - gone in a day.
Puppy Chow - threw half away.
Cut-outs - threw half away.

Yeah, why did I bother? heh