Friday, June 26, 2009

Walk to Defeat ALS

I noticed I got a comment from the ALS Association of Greater New York on one of my previous postings *waves* Yes, I did walk again this year, and I raised more than I had ever raised before- more than $1000!! I don't have an exact amount yet, because a couple of donations have just come in now, two weeks after the walk. I'm really pleased with how well I did; I think my top before was $500.

Frank, a coworker, P, and I walked that day. Well, we planned on walking. P brought a friend of hers, and we met up with her neighbors there, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise- Frank had an absolute meltdown! See, the area before you actually start walking is noisy, with a huge sound system blasting out music, and there are tons of people there. It was too crowded and too noisy for him to handle- he just started crying and couldn't stop. Usually, he doesn't seem to have a problem with noise- Lord knows there have been plenty of times I've walked into daycare to pick him up and the place has been an absolute zoo- but for whatever reason, he couldn't handle it that day, so he and I left before the walk even started. :( Still, though, the ALS Association got the money, which is the important part, I guess, but I was rather disappointed. I'm going to definitely reconsider whether I take him next year or not! Anyway, P and her friend walked together, and they had a good time. The weather was perfect that day, too.

I have an appointment next Thursday with Frank's ENT doctor. Hopefully I can schedule his surgery while I am there.

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