Thursday, November 5, 2009

Teachers' Convention

I have today and tomorrow off for Convention. I'm not going, but I do have things I need to get done around here, so it's nice to have a couple of days. Frank is going to the dentist for the first time tomorrow morning, at 9am. Yeah, so not looking forward to that. Too bad I had that appointment scheduled, though- I could have gone into the city to see the Yankees' ticker-tape parade tomorrow! Oh, well, I'll probably have a better seat in my living room, anyway. One day, though, I want to go see a real ticker-tape parade in NYC.

Yes, the Yankees won their 27th World Series title last night, amidst, of course, lots of people grumbling about how they "bought" this title, because they have more money than all the other teams. Whatever. If money was the key to it, why don't the Yankees win every single year? Anyway, I fell asleep for the seventh and eighth innings, but woke for the last out in the ninth. Darrel stayed awake for the whole thing, and then some- he ended up sleeping in his recliner, and was awake again and watching highlights when I went downstairs at 6:30am today. I'm just SO glad I don't have school today, so I don't have to go through the day feeling like I've been hit by a Mack truck!

I have to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend, too. I am way behind where I usually am at this point in the year, and have to step it up if I'm going to finish everything by Thanksgiving!!

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