Sunday, November 1, 2009

October is really over??

Wow. Huh. Well, there wasn't much going on for me to blog about, I guess. I managed to make it through an entire month without calling in sick. That's something of an accomplishment.

Haloween here was warm, but rainy. Yeah, way to go, weather guys- no rain for trick or treating, my ass! We bought about a thousand pounds of candy to hand out, based on last year's trick or treat numbers, and got maybe 30% of the numbers we had last year. I let the kids grab handfuls of whatever they wanted- we hand two bowls, and towards the end, I let them grab a handful from each bowl. Yes, I was in fact That Lady Who Gives Out Tons of Candy. :D

Frank dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine, and. despite the rain, he enjoyed trick or treating. We went to eight houses before I decided it was time to head back home. Not that he actually will eat any of his haul, except for the green lollipop he already started sucking on last night; however, he does enjoy showing off what he got and counting and sorting it all: "Look, Mommy! I got two of dat and tree of dat!"

This Thursday and Friday is Teachers' Convention. Friday morning, Frank has his very first dentist appointment. I think I may need a Valium for this one. I told them he has Sensory Processing Disorder, so we'll see how it goes!!

We are having the birthday party for Frank's friends from daycare here at our house in two weeks. We've only invited seven kids, but, *whimpers* help me. It's only an hour and a half, but I hope having a whole bunch of preschoolers running around my house doesn't drive me off the deep end! It seems like the trend, for the most part, is for the kids to have their parties at these big-box gym type places and invite the whole class. Frank doesn't really like those places much- they're usually too loud, for starters. So we figured invite the kids whose names Frank mentions most often and have it here. Some free play, a couple of goofy games, snacks and cake, and they all go home. At least, I hope that eats up one and a half hours!

Niece number three's party is that afternoon, too, so after his party, Frank goes in for a short nap, and then we go to that party! Oh well, at least he should sleep well that night.

I have about half of my Christmas shopping done. I am hoping to spend Thursday getting the other half done.

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