Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back in school

Good thing I went back today- one of the other interpreters, P, was absent. She virtually never calls in sick, so she must really be sick. I feel bad for going in Monday and Tuesday now, because it was probably me that got her sick.

Or it could have been one of the kids- I never heard so much coughing and sniffling in September in my entire educational career! It's bizarre- my first period class had a test today, so it was really quiet, and all I heard was that gross sound of snuffling up snot because they didn't want to get up and get a tissue. Yech.

I feel SO much better than I did two days ago. Everyone around me is taking a long time to get over this thing. Based on the sound of most of their coughing, I bet they all have freaking bronchitis. Virtually none of them, student or staff, has gone to a doctor, too. "It's just a cold. I'd feel pretty stupid going to the doctor for just a cold." Whatever. Don't whine to me that you've been sick for two weeks and can't seem to shake this thing, then.

For once, having an immune deficiency is working in my favor- I went to a doctor a lot sooner than normal people seem inclined to do, and am much better much faster than they are!

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