Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I went back to work on Monday, for two days of orientation and workshops. The kids, thankfully, are coming in tomorrow for their first day. I'd rather have the kids there- I just do not have what it takes to be able to sit still and listen to other people talk all day!!

I got my schedule for this year, too. It looks pretty busy, which is good, and I have mostly pretty good classes for me...except for AP Chemistry! Anyone able to tutor me all year so I can sign somewhat coherently??

Frank cried when I left him yesterday, but did fine today. I think the cold he got over the weekend was really bothering him yesterday morning. He's been transitioning into the Preschool class, and he doesn't like it. They tell me he cries each day when he goes in there for a couple of hours. Once they can distract him with something, he's fine, but if he has any down time, he cries again. :( I'm pretty sure I'm going to be dropping off a sobbing child next Wednesday, his first full day in Preschool. I've been in the room, and introduced myself to the teachers, and explained his food issues. They seem pretty nice to me. It's a much bigger class than he's used to- his current Toddler class is 14 kids, and the Preschool class is, I think, 21 kids. I keep pointing out all the new toys he can play with in there, and look, they have real computers in there! They have a kitchen set he can play with!

It's times like this that I feel guilty, not because I work, but because I prefer to work instead of staying home all the time with my son. I mean, practically every mother I know is reluctant to come back to work, they loooooove staying home with their kids, etc. I liked being home with him this summer, more than before- he's older and mroe interactive, and we actually went out and did stuff this summer; all that will be even easier next summer, once he's not napping anymore. But I'm ready to go back to school. I like having the routine. I love what I do. Why do I love that more than being home with my kid all the time? I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

It's great you have a career you love and a son you love! All of my (female) friends with children feel guilty no matter what their situation: the ones who don't work feel bad they're not earning money, the ones who have to work feel bad they're not home, and the ones who want to work feel bad they don't want to be home. You know, we just never hear about men beating themselves up this way! Every choice is valid. It's great you love your job. Your son is growing up with a wonderful role model.

Karin said...

Thanks. I'm not a terribly conventional female in a lot of ways (I know you're shocked by that ;) ) and I have a habit of thinking that's wrong.