Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I do NOT have swine flu.

However, I do have an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis.

I went to school today and did the assembly. I felt crummy when I woke up, but there have been times that's happened and I pushed myself and it went okay. Today, not so much. I left at 11:50am.

I took my first dose of the antibiotic at 3pm. I'm not really optimistic about having a good night tonight, which means I'll very likely be calling in sick tomorrow. DAMN, I HATE using sick days this early in the school year!!

At least it's not just me, though. Two of the math teachers and I were in the ladies' room at the same time this morning, and one, who's been teaching for many years, told me she's never seen so many staff go down for the count this early in the school year as she's seen this year. I mentioned this to my doctor, who replied, rather ominously, "Yeah, I'm noticing that, too. It's rather concerning."

Yeah, that's just what me and my weak immune system needed to hear.

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