Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good day

1. Frank did not cry when I left him this morning, for the first time since he started preschool. Yay! He did give me the boo-boo lip, but at the same time he was doing that, he was holding a book up to a teacher and asking her to read it to him. (Hooray for multitasking?)

2. He played with Play-doh today! He didn't just play with it- he really got into it, apparently. The teacher was so excited she came running up to me as soon as I walked in to pick him up today. She even took a piucture to show me- and he was smiling in the picture! This is news because, traditionally, Mr Sensory Processing will sort of touch the Play-doh, but he doesn't play with it, or knead it, or anything much. I can't wait to tell his OT tomorrow.

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