Monday, June 14, 2010


Frank has an appointment with his dentist next week. I am already dreading it. I am not the calmest dental patient you will ever meet, and bringing him to the dentist was worse when I brought him for the first time last November, because I had to pretend to be calm and happy. (At least with my dentist, I can let the fear fly!)

Oh, Lord, please let him not have any cavities. If he does, he is going to need to be sedated for the fillings, because I do not think I have enough physical and emotional strength to hold him down while they shoot Novacain into him and then drill his tooth.


Anonymous said...

If he does have cavities, does your dentist have a laser drill to fill them? That's what my dentist uses, and it's amazing! You don't need novacaine, and you don't feel a thing!

Karin said...

A laser drill?? Dude, I have to see if MY dentist has that, never mind Frank's!