Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I am not ready for this.

Okay, he's three.

And today he asked me, on the way into daycare, "So, Mommy, how did the baby get into Aunt M's tummy?" (Aunt M is my brother's wife. She's pregnant. I told Frank last week.)

I said "after hemming and hawing for a few seconds, "We'll talk about it after school, honey. It's a little too complicated to talk about now." He cheerfully accepted that, buying me some time. (I also prayed he'd actually forget he asked the question.)

When I got to school, I asked a whole bunch of coworkers, experienced parents all, what exactly you tell a three-year-old who asks that question. Consensus overwhelmingly went with, "God did it."

So, when I picked him up after school, and he remembered to ask again, I was ready. "God put the baby there, honey," I told him. Much to my surprise, he actually accepted that without asking anymore questions. Bullet dodged for today!

Next time he asks the Question, though, my answer is going to be, "Go ask Daddy."

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