Monday, May 31, 2010


We have decided we are going to Disney World next year. At first, we thought going in April during my break would be a good plan- it'd be cooler, and less crowded. Not so much- my break occurs either the week before or the week after Easter each year, and according to the book and the websites, that is one of the most heinously crowded times of the year to go! It's also much more expensive. Hm. So, it's back to summer now. We're thinking probably mid to late August, because kids in the south are back in school by then.

So, we're starting to look into things. We need to get a suite with a couple of bedrooms, and a kitchen, because neither of us is optimistic about Frank being able to sleep with us in the room with him or about him eating any regular breakfast food by then. Yes, we realize he'll be nearly five, it's well over a year away, much can change by then, but still.

There's much to consider in this plan. Like many in my family, Frank does not handle extreme heat all that well. *looks around innocently* Yes, okay, I admit it- he comes by it rightly!

Frank, like many kids with SPD, does not handle change well at all. And a Disney vacation is chock full of change, starting with his very first airplane ride. He'll be sleeping somewhere that's not his room, which is difficult for him, and eating and sleeping schedules will be a bit off. (At least Orlando is the same time zone as we are, so we won't have to add jet lag into the mix!)

Then there's the crowds...and the colors...and the bright lights...and the NOISE. Never mind the BO from all the other people there. The kid may need Valium. Hell, I may need Valium!

Frank is quite enthusiastic about this so far. He wants to ride the Dumbo ride, and says that as soon as he sees Mickey, he's going to run up to him and give him a hug, and he wants to eat dinner with Mickey one night. I'm trying to be cheerful and upbeat about this, to keep him in the spirit of it, but part of me is worried. Darrel is so looking forward to this- he loves Disney, too- and I'm afraid he'll be disappointed if it's too overwhelming for Frank and the kid does not have an amazing time.

Any other SPD parents out there done the Disney thing? How did it go for you? Do you have any tips for me?


Lindsay & Emma Bartholomew said...

i have not personally done a disney trip with my little one, but we are planning a trip hopefully for next year (disney land).. I was talking to a mom of a little boy in my daughters class, he also suffers from SPD. She was able to get special needs passes so that they did not have to wait in any lines. She contacted them before hand and sent them something from their OT. I am not sure if Disney Land and Disney world are different, you may have to call and find out exactly what they need. Good luck!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a terrific suggestion! You should totally try to get the special needs passes -- that would help a lot. I didn't even know they had those!