Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At last!

Frank has peed in the potty at school, the last frontier for him! He was very pleased to show me his new toy he picked out of the prize bag I got for him at school, and yet seemed kind of embarrassed when I made a bigger deal out of the peeing than I did the toy. He was definitely proud of himself when we got home and I told Darrel all about it, though.

It's hard to say who was more excited by this development, me or his head teacher, N. She ran over to me when I walked in the door and gleefully told me all the details of what happened. Of course, he'll probably completely master this skill by the time June ends and it's time for him to leave for the summer, anyway...

I had been asking him a few times recently to "read" one of his books to me, and he'd always responded with, "I don't know how." This afternoon, I got him to "read" two of his books to me, and then Darrel got him to "read" a third. Darrel was quite amazed at how many sentences Frank knows verbatim from the Curious George book. He should- Darrel's read that book to him almost every night for going on three weeks now.

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