Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sleep and food

Okay, so we've put him to bed at 8pm, instead of 7:30pm, the last two nights, and have limited his naptime to one hour. The result so far is that he's awakened at about 6:30am instead of 5:30am. An improvement, I guess, but not enough for either one of us. (Edited to add: It is now 8:30pm, and he is still singing to himself.)

Darrel went out last night and got McDonald's for us. He bought a four-pack of chicken McNuggets, and gave them to Frank at lunchtime today. Frank has not eaten any of them. I told Frank that was fine if he wasn't hungry at lunchtime; he could eat them for dinner. (He's eaten McDonald's nuggets before, which is why we are digging our heels in on this issue.) He's announced he is not hungry for dinner. *sighs* That's fine- he'll have them for dinner tomorrow night.

It's like this with everything food-related, it seems like. If he doesn't eat something at least every other day, it's like we're introducing something totally new again. It's incredibly frustrating, especially so when we KNOW he's happily eaten the object before.

Still working on the vitamins, too...

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