Saturday, May 1, 2010

My son is displeased with me.

The Knetucky Derby is on today. It's on right now, actually. Well, right now is what we in my house call the "pre-game show". I love horses. I love horse racing. This event is my Super Bowl. This event is on my list of things to do in person before I die. I am taping it and watching at the same time.

Anyway, the boy. He just came upstairs, and tried to wheedle his way onto the computer. "No, I am doing Mommy things on the computer now," I told him.

"Okay," he said, pulling out my desk chair and sitting on it. "Then can you turn on a Frankie show?"

"Nope," I told him. When he gave me a shocked look, I explained. "Do you see those horsies on TV?" I asked him. When he nodded, I told him, "This horse race is very very important to Mommy. Mommy will watch it. Mommy will listen to it. You can watch with me, but you have to be quiet."

He went downstairs to watch his shows and play with his toys. ;)

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