Sunday, January 11, 2009


This week, rehearsals began for the spring musical, "Cinderella". There are three deaf kids in the chorus, so I will be interpreting practices a couple of days a week from now until the show, the first weekend in March. It's fun, and it's nice to interpret rehearsals without having to think the whole time, "Oh crap...I really have no idea how I'm going to interpret this song and this line!" That's the kids' jobs, to figure that stuff out, for the times they'll be onstage. :)

So, combine that with Frank having OT once a week, and possibly adding speech therapy to that (His speech is fine, but the drooling...His OT says that the standard is if the child is still drooling after 24 months for the child to get evaluated. He's still drooling just as much as when he was six months old! Anyway, speech therapists can do exercises and stuff to strengthen jaw muscles so some of that drool stays in his mouth.), and leaving one day a week for errands or other doctor's appointments, I'll be busy for the next two months. That's good, because it'll give me less time to hang out around here and, you know, eat. And extra money is always good.

Scales are very annoying. My doctor's scale two weeks ago said I was 150 pounds. This was at 9:30am, and I was fasting because I was getting blood drawn. The scale in the nurse's office at school says 152. (I have decided that I hate that scale.) My brand new digital scale I bought last week says, when I weigh myself first thing in the morning that I am 146 pounds. I realize there will be some fluctuation between scales because of time of day I weigh myself, what I've eaten, and what I'm wearing, as well as just because they're different scales, but six pounds difference?? While I have decided that I like my new scale the best, I certainly don't think I have been so good and lost four plus pounds in two weeks! At least, that's not what my clothes are telling me.


Alice said...

Scales are annoying!! With my scale I can weigh myself, get off, move the scale over one inch on the floor, weigh myself again - and it can be three pounds different. So hard to tell if progress is being made!

The Dating Guru said...

146 lbs isn't even overweight for someone 5'4", is it??