Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dietwatch 2009

The good: I bought Romaine lettuce yesterday, instead of my typical iceberg. Romaine is better for you, because it's darker green, and that means it has more good stuff than iceberg. Iceberg, apprently, is not even empty calories- it's got almost none, and it's got almost nothing nutritionally speaking.

The bad: I ate it in a salad as part of my dinner tonight (the Romaine). I don't like it- it's too bitter or something. *sighs* I guess I'll have to get used to it.

In other news, I took the curtains down in my bedroom and the bathroom today. These were the curtains the former owners had left behind. They were both the same- green and white flowery print. They were okay, but I don't do flowery prints. Taking them down was a major effort, too, because they were obviously professionally done-the curtain rods were a special kind like I'd never seen before, and they were just short of bolted into the wall! They had weird screws, too, so I went through three different screwdrivers none of which was exactly right, to get them out. (I think whoever put them up must have used some kind of mechanical aid.)

Anyway, I took them down because I went to Target today after church, and finally found curtains for both rooms that I liked. I'm not putting the bathroom curtains up until I paint the bathroom, which will probably be during my February break.

And, yes, I will take before and after pictures this time. :p

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