Sunday, April 11, 2010

One step forward, two steps back?

Frank refused to eat the leftovers from last night's chicken fingers. Not only did he refuse them, he pushed the plate away and dissolved into a pool of hysterics. Darrel and I have learned that if we try and calm him down, that only feeds the beast, so we sat there and chatted lightly while eating our lunches, raising our voices to be heard, about other topics, while Frank moaned and wailed and writhed around in anguish on the kitchen floor.

I know his cranky mood was probably something of a "hangover", if you will, from yesterday. He slept GREAT- we heard NOTHING from him until damn near 8am- so we can't blame the mood on not enough sleep. He napped, too, for nearly two hours. (When I say napped, I mean he was in his room, with the light off, for that time. I think he actually sleeps for about an hour to an hour and a half.)

However, after the great day he had yesterday, his mood was a big downer for me. Is this always going to happen with him??

I went out and pulled weeds for about an hour while he napped. Gardening, sinking my hands into soil, always makes me feel better, about pretty much anything.

I wish I could solve his problems that easily.

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