Thursday, April 8, 2010

Remember me?

Yeah, I've come out of hibernation. It happens every year- between early January and mid-March, I get depressed and don't do anything and lose all desire to do anything creative. But once there's more light and higher temperatures, my mood generally improves. Yay, spring!

It's been crazy hot here for about a week now. We're talking blazing sun and temperatures in the 80s. It's been great, because my abbreviated spring break was this week, so I got a ton of yardwork done! All the ugly, crappy, large bushes the previous owners of this house had planted are now gone. I also planted some hyacinths, and transplanted tulips and daffodils. Now, we need to bring in a ton of topsoil, to put in the craters that were formerly bushes, and I need to sit back and plot out what pretty things I'll put in this summer. I need to buy a bunch of johnny jump ups:

I have a couple, but I want more more more! They bloom all summer long and come back every year.
Another bright, colorful flower I want is lantana:

I had a bunch of these in the flowerpots at the townhouse, but they've all died off. If you plant them in the ground, they should come back every year.
In other news, Frank is still sleeping on the crib mattress on the floor in his room. And he is still, at three and a half, not potty trained. His OT, daycare teachers, my husband, and I, after much discussion, have decided that he will have to forced- as a child with Sensory processing Disorder, he has an aversion to change- he pretty much would never potty train if he could decide, because it's something different. As bad as I feel about forcing him to do something that will involve wailing and gnashing of teeth, I don't really feel we have any other choice- he will never be one of those kids who randomly one day decides he is ready to do it. It's going to be a battle, and it's going to be ugly. We tried it over last weekend, and he would sit on the toilet for up to a half hour at a time, but he never did anything in the toilet- he'd hold it until he got off the toilet, and wet his underwear five minutes later! Yay, parenthood!


Deb E. said...

Well those Johnny Jump Ups are a wonderful Vikings themed flower, aren't they! They'll look fabulous!

*wink wink*

Actually we bought some of those in the little planting-for-dummies packets where you just lay the stuff down and water it. They're not growing yet. Or should I say now Jumping Up yet. *snort*

Deb E. said...

Forgot to mention....we had near 90s, sunny weather last week but see my blog for what is heading your way.

You can thank me later.

Karin said...

Our weatherman says that we'll get the front, but not the snow and freezing temperatures you got. Neener, neener neener!

Deb E. said...

Since when are weathermen right?

Karin said...

Excellent point.

They're also predicting a very active hurricane season this year. I can't say I'm worried, though, because they said that last year, and the year before.

Karin said...

I should also mention those photos are not from my yard.