Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Field trip!

Today I took a personal day so I could go with Frank on his Very First Field Trip. His daycare went pumpkin picking. I'm honestly not sure what he liked best, the pumpkins themselves...(The first picture is Frank trying to collect every single pumpkin on the ground.)

Playing on the wooden train they had there...

Or riding on the school bus!

He did argue with me when I put his seatbelt on when we got on the bus: "No, I don't want it." I'm pretty sure he noticed that there were a lot of other kids on the bus whose parents weren't making them wear seatbelts. But I am something of a Nazi when it comes to seatbelts, so I told him too bad, Mommy says yes, and he learned to ignore the seatbelt after a while. ;)


debsmad said...

Yay for pumpkins, and all things Fall!

Will he be going trick-or-treating this year? I can't remember, did he go last year??

Karin said...

Yes, he'll be going this year, and no, he didn't go last year. Not that he can or will eat much of what he collects, mind you.

debsmad said...

Doesn't matter...the parents get it all anyway. Heee! It's the fun of doing it that counts.