Thursday, October 23, 2008

New baby

No, not mine! My brother's wife is in labor as I write this with their first child, a girl they've decided to name Abigail. Her water broke prematurely; I think she's at 34 weeks gestation, but if her water's broken, that baby is coming today whether they like it or not. I'm still sick, and am home for the third day in a row, so it's not like I could even go and be moral support or anything, either. :(

The two of them have been house-hunting for nearly a year. They were looking in the area they currently live, down the Shore, because SIL's mother lived there. However, her mother died quite suddenly this summer, so they are now looking closer to Brother's job. They've actually put bids in on, I think it's four houses, and backed out of each one for various reasons. The most recent backing-out happened maybe a week ago. They currently live in one of those teeny tiny Shore apartments (with their dog) that's little more than a glorified closet. I sure hope they have an idea for where to put the crib, even though Abby won't be coming home for several weeks yet.

SIL has been through a LOT of stress recently. I can't help but wonder if that has had anything to do with the premature labor. I'm quite worried about her.


debsmad said...

Any news yet?

The Dating Guru said...

Am thinking of her....I hope everything goes okay....