Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, I've had this headache for well over a week. I thought it was my old glasses, maybe, or a sinus thing. So, I got new glasses, and I've been doing sinus irrigation things more often, all to no avail- I feel fine, don't have any illnesses coming or going, and still have this headache. Advil just puts a dent in it- not that it's migraine status, by any stretch, but it IS annoying. Exedrin Migraine helps it, a lot, but I have to take two, and I hate taking any more medication than I have to- I mean, my poor liver!

Frank has a cold, and has had one for several days. We are very fortunate in that, most of the time, when he gets sick, other than the typical gross, runny nose thing, and coughing, Frank doesn't whine much- he gets more clingy and he sleeps a lot. My mother tells me that I was very much that way as a child- often, she first became aware I was getting sick because I'd sleep much more, which is generally what happens with Frank. He's in bed right now, and has been there for nearly three hours. He hasn't been sleeping that whole time, but he seems to have been content just to lie there. Although, he's whining now, so I guess I should go get him up...

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