Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still sick

I came home from school early yesterday and stayed home today. I hate being sick. I hate using up sick days this early in the school year.

The good news is, I don't think this is going to become a sinus infection. I still feel sick, but I think it's starting to pass, thankfully. *crosses fingers*

On the down side, the heat in my car died yesterday. It works just fine when I have my foot on the gas, but when I take my foot off the gas, it blows cold air out. I got a recommendation from one of the women who run Frank's daycare for an auto repair place here in town. We dropped the car off this morning. Darrel is currently on his way to pick me up to go get my car, as it's just about ready. I don't really want to go get Frank yet- I am too tired to deal with his energy- but there's no point in me driving home without him, when I'd just have to hop back in the car maybe a half hour later to go get him.

Frank is still coughing from this cold, too. I've been using his inhaler on him a couple of times a day, which seems to help, but not a huge amount. I'm giving him until Thursday, and if he's not improved, I'm calling the doctor.


debsmad said...

He has an inhaler?

Karin said...

Yeah, he only has flareups when he gets sick. Most of the time, we forget he has it until it suddenly dawns on me that hey, he's actually wheezing!